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  1. Britt Ellis

    Angels or Alzheimers: The Wisdom to Know the Difference

    “Wisdom is one thing in life that does not diminish with age. Wisdom is learning how to live in harmony with the world as it is in any given moment. One aspect of that wisdom is the deep understanding that we are all in the same boat. Out of that comes compassion — compassion for yourself, compassion for others, compassion for the world. Can you allow the changes and delight in them and look for the wisdom inherent in each change rather than resisting them?” (Ram Dass, Polishing the Mirror: How to Live from Your Spiritual Heart) Now, nearly 90,...
  2. Susan A. Purnell

    Listening to the Sacred Call of your Soul Desires

    My Soul has been speaking loudly to me the past several months about the significance of Soul Desires. This began when, seemingly ‘out of the blue,’ a particular Soul Desire emerged; it is markedly definite, deeply passionate, bursting to be expressed, and relates directly to you as a Soul Alive Woman. In its presenting image, I see you deeply Soul Present, responding to the passionate yearnings stirring at your core, honoring them as Sacred Gifts of Knowings that are desiring your attention for purposes you trust are grand. In its essence, this Soul Desire is for you to Become Fully Awake to...

About Soul Alive Women is here to inspire, teach, and encourage women to use the last third portion of their lives, their Aging years, to be Soul Alive Women — women Aging consciously, discovering and embodying the fullness of their uniquely designed God-given life, right to and through their very last breath.

Union With The Beloved

“Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing, there is a field, I’ll meet you there.” ~Rumi
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