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January/February Newsletter - Soul Alive Women

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Dark & Cold Wintertime – Seeking the Light & Fire Within

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“Life’s picture is constantly undergoing change. The spirit beholds a new world every moment.” ~Rumi

Bare Tree Photo

From this point forward, you can look for ‘It’s Soul Time’ to be available at the beginning of each month; this opens the door for ‘It’s Soul Time’ from the very beginning of each month to align more closely with the natural structure, rhythm, flow, and harmony of our external Seasons of the Years.

These familiar Seasons not only provide us with a lens in which we ‘experientially know’ God’s dynamic process of change, transition, and transformation manifested in our external lives year after year, but also offer us a pathway to ‘experientially know’ the manifestation of this same dynamic process within the internal Seasons of our Soul lives.

“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.” ~Ferdinand Foch

January, at least for me – as perhaps for many of you – came and went in the ‘blink of an eye’ so it seems. Reflecting back it was a time of many cold rainy days, early evening darkness, extra layers of clothing, lots of hot homemade soup and pots of tea, recollection/reflection/contemplation/prayer and good books read. I am reminded of how much January is an ‘indoor month,’ even in Southern California.

The image that sums up the month of January for me is that of a huge, bare tree in our backyard. Having the benefit of being familiar with its seasonal patterns, I know that there is more to this tree than its present state of starkness. Unlike many trees, it blooms in late summer and into the fall. As recent as late October, my senses took in a live, full-sized image of its spectacular splendor; its branches still laden with magnificent, vibrant, bright pink and yellow centered blossoms. I know through experience its power to change, transition, and transform. I trust that in the spring time, it will be filled again with lush green leaves and that in September, it will come back into full bloom. But for now – it is in-waiting – replenishing its creative juices from within. In this season, its hidden beauty, developing within, is cloaked in its outward starkness.

Our Soul knows that, like this tree, in order for us to fully manifest God’s desired design through our lives in the external world, we need ‘Seasons’ set aside for inner development – time for being still/open/receptive to reconnect and remember the rhythm, flow, and harmony of oneness in God/Source/Life/Love/Peace; waiting and watching for what wants to emerge; allowing creative juices to flow and inner fires to be fanned.

For this to happen, first we must recognize the need for ‘Sabbath’ Seasons – dedicated times to be at home with our Soul/Core/Whole Being. Secondly, we must practice honoring this insight by putting it into action [i.e. embodying it/living it]. The doing of these is not always easy. Why?
1.] Unlike the tree whose built-in, single agenda [instinctually on auto pilot] is to grow and develop, we are confronted with a zillion competing agendas that drown out the ‘whispers of our inner stirrings.’
2.] Unlike the tree, we have the freedom of choice. We can avoid dancing with our Soul’s natural rhythm, flow, and harmony; we can choose actions that are contrary to the fulfillment of God’s design in and through us. And as if this is not enough . . .
3.] Because we live in a fast-paced world in which achievement and being productive are prized and seen as equivalent to self-worth, making choices for Soul Care flies in the face of years of our unconscious [for the most part], conditioned responses to do otherwise.

Regarding Challenges & Commitment:
Practicing Our Power of Choice Is Loving Ourselves

First and foremost, we ask ourselves the following questions:
Do I want to go on this Soul Journey? How does my Body respond? Heart? Head?
If yes, how committed am I, honestly, to make the most of the opportunity?

If we can say ‘Yes’ with our Whole Being [Body/Mind/Heart] to these questions daily, as many times as necessary – even in the ‘most difficult’ places on the Journey – we will come through this desert Journey knowing the process of change/transition/transformation from the inside-out [like the tree].

When asked, ‘Is it easy or hard to be a Christian?’ C.S. Lewis, distinguished novelist & lay theologian, responded: ‘both.’ My own experience finds this to be true. It is hard to yield our wills – our ego fights our Soul’s desire to humble ourselves to the mystery of the Divine. Once we do say ‘yes’ to God [Source/Life], it is easy, at least easier. This ’battle of the wills’ is common to all faith traditions.

The key to completing the journey is to remain open to the rhythm, flow, and harmony of Divine grace. How? By staying ‘tuned in’ and being aware when we begin to ‘play’ with our original commitment by wavering in our inner dialogue: ‘I will – I won’t – I can’t;’ I call this ‘sitting on the fence.’ Engaging in this pattern creates unneeded anguish and certainly is not a way of loving ourselves. The longer we sit in this ‘torn’ position [the more ‘air time’ we give our egos], the harder it is to get our feet back [grounded] on the journey, and the more likely it is that we will forsake our original commitment and forfeit the journey’s transformational benefit.

I would love for you to share with me how your Journey goes by emailing me at the email address below. May you know God’s love, grace, and power in your very cells as you transition through this month on your Soul Journey.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours; may it be Divine!


Reflection Exercise:
Preparation for the Journey
Book Suggestions:
Pocketful of Miracles, by Joan Borysenko, Ph.D. (5 min. Day of the Year Readings)
What Really Matters – 7 Lessons for Living from the Stories of the Dying, by Karen M. Wyatt, M.D.
Your Soul Compass – What is Spiritual Guidance?, by Joan Borysenko, Ph.D & Gordon Dveirin, Ed.D.


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