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Dark & Cold Wintertime – Transition Towards Spring

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“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” ~Carl Jung

Pink Blossomed Tree PhotoThis month, also wintery in nature, shares much of the same tone and feel as January, but with four noted differences [there may be others in various faith traditions]:
1.] Ash Wednesday [Feb. 13], which begins the six weeks of Lenten Journey [for Christians whose tradition includes following The Liturgical Year]
2.] Valentine’s Day [Feb. 14 on the secular calendar], a Celebration of Love
3.] Purim [Feb. 23], commemorating the deliverance of the Jewish people in the ancient Persian Empire
4.] Transition Time towards Hope – Spring Equinox [Mar. 20]’, Passover [beginning March 25],& Easter [March 31], celebrating the Resurrection

As we move through this month towards the month of March, we begin a Season of transition; in this case, it is a shift from what is considered a ‘dark’ Season into a ‘light’ Season. We ‘swim’ in this interplay [ebb & flow] of dark and light ‘Seasons’, not only yearly in shifts of the Seasons, but daily in the shifts of day and night; our bodies carry implicit and explicit perceptional memories, responses, and reactions triggered by these shifts. These ‘ingrained messages’ go back [at least] as far as our birth when we transitioned from the safety and comfort of the darkness of our nine month inner home into the external world of light and darkness.

Butterfly PhotoAs Women seeking ways to deepen our understanding and practice of being more ‘Alive’ to our Souls, I encourage all of us to consider that our bodies, even if we have not ‘noticed’ along the way, are intimately attuned to God’s created order including ‘these shifts.’ Our bodies are instinctually wired, like the tree, to grow and develop organically. Knowing this and learning to tap into our body-felt sensations [i.e., experiential knowings – innate resource of Body Wisdom] is of great value towards opening the way for us to know experientially God’s dynamic process of change, transition, and transformation manifested within the Seasons of our Soul lives. It is within this process that our Souls sing for joy and dance with delight. It is in this way that we experientially know ourselves to be Soul Alive.

As a way to respond to our Soul’s call to journey inward, I invite you to join me in using this Season of Transition to deepen our innate capacity to listen to our body-felt sensations [the instinctual knowing]. By being mindful of the shifts of light & dark, we open a pathway to consciously participate in God’s dynamic process in our Soul life.

Reference Sheet:
Sensations Word List
Suggested Reflection Exercise:
Attention to Body Sensation [Body – Felt Sense]
Suggested Soul Practice:
Gratitude Journal
Suggested Books:
The Intuitive Body: Discovering the Wisdom of Conscious Embodiment and Aikido, by Wendy Palmers
Hidden Wholeness – The Journey Toward an Undidvided Life, by Parker J. Palmer
Contemplative Prayer, by Thomas Keating (Centering Prayer Practice within Christian Tradition)

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