Integral Coaching Personalized Development Programs

  • Soul-Centered Online Coaching Program

           Wake-Up to the Heartbeat of Your Soul & Know You’re Home

This foundational Soul Alive Women Program serves as a nurturing vessel to encourage you to learn to dance with your Soul through your Aging years. Experience the benefits of being Soul Alive. Learn how you can continue your maturation process empowered with innate wisdom, confidence, joy, security, and the freedom to be a Soul Alive Woman throughout your life.

6 weeks – 8 women
1:00 – 3:00 p.m. (PST)

  • Group Coaching Program [In-Person, Webinar, Teleconference Calls, & Private Sessions]

Group Integral Coaching is the best of both worlds: group support, plus private, individual time, consisting of 2 initial Private Sessions followed by 2 more Private Sessions interspersed between 8 Group Sessions.

Date: TBD, 8 women per group
Location: Orange County, CA

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  • Individual Coaching Program [In Person or Skype]

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Women’s Words on Aging

Linda Marley

"I’ve been retired for 11 years and I’m 69 years young. I have weathered challenges and lessons in my career and a few in retirement. The learning continues. It’s good to laugh at yourself and keep on trucking. Picture this: me beginning a Jazz dance class at 60. It is a riot. I can’t make a 3 step turn. The music is too darn fast . . ." continue reading

Women’s Words on Aging

Joyce Payne

"I will be 60 years old in November. I am a caregiver for my 91-year- old father and my sisters and I split our time between his house and our houses. This is something we felt we needed to do. My husband recently had minor surgery and I thought about who would take care of me . . . " continue reading

Women’s Words on Aging

Shirley Childs

"When my youngest son left high school, I was 48 and I couldn’t handle it. I convinced myself that I had made a huge sacrifice for my three sons at the expense of my career. I was very resentful; I believed my age was catching up to me and therefore, I was too old to advance in my professional life . . . continue reading

About Soul Alive Women is here to inspire, teach, and encourage women to use the last third portion of their lives, their Aging years, to be Soul Alive Women — women Aging consciously, discovering and embodying the fullness of their uniquely designed God-given life, right to and through their very last breath.

Union With The Beloved

“Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing, there is a field, I’ll meet you there.” ~Rumi
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