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It Is Time for the Rose to Come to Full Bloom

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As I write this first monthly edition of It’s Soul Time, I am filled with deep gratitude and thanksgiving for the opportunity to begin this conversation with you about our common journey, our Aging years.  I look forward to many ongoing and enriching exchanges with you through your feedback and responses to Soul Alive Women’s Monthly Newsletter and/or your participation in the various Soul Alive Women Programs.

Beginning The Journey – Soul Listening Practice

As you ponder the words of this newsletter, I encourage you to take the opportunity to practice listening to your Soul’s response. Some of you may do this with ease, while others of you may not know where to begin. Not to worry – the first step is to pay attention to your breath as you read. Just see what happens. Notice, without judgment [to the best of your ability] what you experience – your body felt sense, emotions, changes in energy, flow, and thoughts – whatever is there, take note. You may want to jot it down in a journal. Please keep in mind there is no right way or wrong way in being open to listening to your Soul. The Soul, eager to be heard, celebrates when we are eager to listen. Your body recognizes when the Soul celebrates. See if you can sense what your body senses. You can carry this practice into your daily life — with reading or other activities throughout the month. I would love to hear about what you experience in doing this Soul Listening Practice and/or your comments/questions regarding what you read in the words below.

It is Time for the Rose to Come to Full Bloom’ 

Several months ago, I woke up to the words: ‘It is Time for the Rose to Come to Full Bloom.’ Then and now, these words speak volumes to me personally and to the heart of the Soul Alive Women Vision and my hope for all of you on this Soul Alive Women’s journey.

The words ‘It is Time for the Rose to Come to Full Bloom,’ clearly speak to the ‘birthing’ of Soul Alive Women. For more than a year and half this vision had been gestating. Now the appointed time is here for the ‘Rose ‘ to come to full bloom in the light of day. Thus it is time to share the Soul Alive Women’s journey with all of you.

A Glimpse of The Soul Alive Women’s Journey – Personal Reflections

What do the words ‘It is Time for the Rose to Come to Full Bloom say to me personally as a woman committed to living a Soul Alive life?  The message is ‘it’s time to allow myself ‘to be’ more of My Self [i.e. My Soul/Core/Whole Self].  This is after all what the Soul Alive Women’s journey is all about. The call is to do whatever is necessary to be in service of what wants to emerge & come to fruition. It is a beckoning to ‘take the next step; to ‘pull out the stops;’ ‘to show up ever more fully to my Soul’s Truth and to trustingly express My Self unabashedly.’

Saying ‘yes’ to the transformation process of ‘coming to full bloom has its price.  I can expect to be confronted with the need to let go of long time held patterns that serve only the past; patterns that if held on to would block what wants to come into the light of day’ at this time of life.  Sometimes these ‘revelations’ can be shocking to which my first response can be ‘I do not do that ’ [Oh – the games we use to deceive ourselves].  Ouch – yes, growth requires self-honesty and the willingness to sacrifice that which is not life-serving.  This can be unnerving, to say the least.

Do I really want to be ‘the Rose coming into full bloom?’ Isn’t the Rose that is two –thirds open just as beautiful as the Rose whose petals are fully extended? Besides – the thought of what the next step would be ‘after’ the Rose came to full blown….  Oh-double ouch!  I am reminded that one sure way to keep myself seemingly ‘safe’ from ‘growth pangs’ is to put my attention ‘out there in the future.’.  Self-reminder – Been there – Done That One – Not life-giving.  Better that I stay with the ‘now.’

O.K.  To be ‘Fully Alive’ to the now means accepting, not in theory but in real everyday life -moment to moment actions, that ‘God’s/Source’s grace is working in & through me in ways that I can’t think or imagine.’ At this point, I find myself at the edge of a familiar steep cliff.  Fear raises in me, then I remember why I am here, who is with me and the outcome of my past experiences of being here. Yes, every time I jumped off this proverbial cliff in the past, trusting I would grow wings on the way down – I did land, not only safely but in a wondrous expanded place.  The hardest part is taking that first step.

In This Season Of Our Lives – Let Us Remember – ‘It Is Soul Time’

Like the Rose, we are designed to continue to bloom into the fullness of our uniquely designed God /Source given life right up to the end of our physical lives.  Unlike the Rose our ‘blooming process’ requires from us a conscious ‘yes’ that we want to ‘come to bloom’ and that we will actively participate in the needed life-giving learning process.  In this last third season of our lives – It Is Soul Time!  Why? The ‘blooming process,’ requires us to discover and embody our integrated Soul/Whole Self Life that is ours to live. It is only through the Soul that this integration process can happen. Saying ‘yes’ to becoming the Rose in full bloom‘ is saying ‘yes’ to learning to live what our Soul knows.

Reflection Questions:

•          What do the words ‘It is Time for the Rose to Come to Full Bloom say to you personally?

•          Do you want to be ‘the Rose coming into full bloom?

•          If not is two-thirds full O.K. for you?  Or_____?   full.

•          What are the games you use to deceive yourself to attempt to avoid ‘growing pangs?’

•          What is your experience of the Proverbial Cliff ?  or of growing wings on the way down?

Video – The Rose Coming To Full Bloom

•          I encourage you to watch the Video of the Rose coming to full bloom.’

•          Notice your Soul’s response [See – Soul Listening Practice*  noted above].

•          Watch Video a second time – Stop it at various stages of the Rose coming to full bloom.

Reflecting on your life  –  What stage of fullness to you see yourself at today?

Book Suggestion:  A small delightful purse size Soul nurturing companion.
100 Ways to Keep Your Soul Alive: Living Deeply and Fully Every Day by Frederic Brussat

In this Season of Celebration & Thanksgiving I am thankful for all of you and the opportunity for us to be Soul Alive Women ‘coming into full bloom.’

As always I welcome any questions and comments,


Lessons Learned: Shirley Childs

When my youngest son left high school, I was 48 and I couldn’t handle it. I convinced myself that I had made a huge sacrifice for my three sons at the expense of my career. I was very resentful; I believed my age was catching up to me and therefore, I was too old to advance in my professional life. Then, I began a soul-searching examination of my motives. I discovered that my deepest inner value was my family and therefore, they were my priority. My choices were not a question of sacrifice. Rather, I was acting on what was most valuable to me. Because I realized we make choices according to our values, I was ready to embark on a new journey. Since then, I have had three amazing professional positions: Financial Controller of a large business, elected Councillor on Local Government, and Business Consultant.

Twelve years later, in the year 2012, I made another change. I have been told I am crazy. I thank my family and friends who thought it, and told me, because it allowed me to reflect. The exercises revealed to me that I acted on my deepest inner value each time. As a result, I acted on a deeper calling to continue to learn mastering myself so that I can be the best I can be for myself, my family, and to effectively help others. Today, I am helping people transform through their Stories and their Voices. I know there will always be challenges and it takes courage to move forward because it is not only ourselves we have to face, but also family, friends, and other well-meaning people. If you ask me if I would do anything differently with hindsight, my answer is “NO.” Among the important lessons I’ve learned are: do not to lose sight of the reasons for my decisions, follow my deepest listening, and always be true to myself.

Shirley Childs

Vocal TAO — Sydney, Australia




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