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Life’s Healing Mosaic: Dot-by-Dot

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Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood. ~Helen Keller

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My initial experience of meeting with Dr. Li had been so markedly different than what I had experienced with any other health professional that it stirred a new glimmer of hope within me. I was given a taste of medical care that invited me to be an active participant in my healing process. I soon discovered that this different approach to healthcare was the integration of Western [Conventional] and Eastern [Traditional Chinese] Medicine.

I expected that this unique path would require substantial energy, time, and a learning curve on my part. The fact that I was eager for this opportunity was a bit curious to me. Why was I so willing to step into something so unfamiliar when I was struggling to have enough energy to even meet my basic daily needs? Even if there was a chance for me to be physically healthy, the real question was: where was I going to get the energy to walk from point A to point B? I didn’t have that answer.

I did have a sense, however, that my eagerness resonated with something deeply familiar and life-giving within me. Staying with that sense, I was able to connect the dots: my draw towards this new path was linked to my passionate interest in the dynamics of the healing/transformational process of God’s love. At first this was surprising to me, but then it became blatantly obvious. After all, this passionate interest that I had been drawn to in my early thirties continued to be an endless source of life-giving energy, even through the previous 10 months of sickness when thinking about anything [else] was exhausting.

Although the message was clear during the Kauai Ordeal that it was time for the body to be part of the healing process, I had yet to experience any such power associated with physical healing, only spiritual and psychological healing. The glimmer of hope proved to be the doorway to an expanded vision. This new path was obviously an extension of the healing/transformational process that I had been consciously participating in for the past 30 years. The same trustworthy power of God’s love and grace that had empowered me thus far would empower me to continue the journey. I made the call to start ongoing treatment with Dr. Li.

DotsAt first I didn’t know what to make of the peculiar treatment process. While my prevailing sense was one of deep-rooted relief and gladness, an unsettling question persisted: What did I get myself into? I was heartened when I connected the dots: My body was [surprisingly] at home with the treatment process, even celebrating it. My mind, however, was having a tizzy fit about the mystery of it all. Seeing this dynamic at play reminded me that, as with spiritual and psychological healing, mystery [coupled with its ally – curiosity] is intrinsic to the healing process. This encouraged me to be all the more curious about my body’s experience of the healing process.

As the treatment course progressed, I was increasingly intrigued with the manner in which Dr. Li perceived and connected the dots of the various elements of my body [and what they were saying] to the bigger picture of my Body as a Whole [and what it needed in order to be in harmony/health]. In time I realized that this integrative way [in which Dr. Li perceived and related to my body] was a central component of her healthcare approach. And through the healing process, I was learning to perceive and relate to my body in a new way by means of: 1.] Dr. Li’s modeling and coaching; 2.] being continually brought back to harmony with my body; 3.] gaining a body-felt sense of being Embodied.

Pink FlowerParticipating in this extended vision of the healing path enabled me to connect a cascade of “dots” that resulted in invaluable understandings:

  • The Body is: amazingly intelligent & instinctually wise; conveys vital truths needed for health and wellbeing in a unique, learnable language; the door to conscience awareness of the present moment and the concrete realm of our human reality.
  • Life is qualitatively enhanced when lived consciously Embodied [IN-Bodied].
  • The Healing/Transformation process includes three intertwined aspects: the physical, the spiritual, and the psychological. Connecting [or not connecting] the dots in any one of these aspects has a correlating effect within the other two.

The endless curiosity that I experienced throughout this long journey was a Divine gift of saving grace. It enabled me to keep looking, through the sickness, for the dots that connected to the bigger picture: the Mosaic of Healing that is forever being revealed . . . dot-by-dot.

The dynamics of the healing/transformational process of God’s love is forever working in us, drawing us into Wholeness, in ways we cannot begin to think or imagine. [Ephesians 3:20, Philippians 1:6]

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