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Listening to the Sacred Call of your Soul Desires

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wm-back-beachMy Soul has been speaking loudly to me the past several months about the significance of Soul Desires. This began when, seemingly ‘out of the blue,’ a particular Soul Desire emerged; it is markedly definite, deeply passionate, bursting to be expressed, and relates directly to you as a Soul Alive Woman. In its presenting image, I see you deeply Soul Present, responding to the passionate yearnings stirring at your core, honoring them as Sacred Gifts of Knowings that are desiring your attention for purposes you trust are grand. In its essence, this Soul Desire is for you to Become Fully Awake to the significance of your Soul Desires.

When this Soul Desire emerged, I knew it came bearing gifts of knowledge, guidance, and the blessing of carrying a Soul vision for others. What I didn’t anticipate however was that I would soon see its message illuminated through the fulfillment of another Soul Desire — one that, as a key component of the Soul Alive Women Vision, had been burning inside me months before I launched Soul Alive Women (in November 2012]. After searching for more than four years for an affordable, easy-to-use video recording technology to support this persistent Soul Desire, it recently appeared ‘in the blink of an eye!’ With this new platform, now I am able to provide women around the world, like you, the opportunity to be in Soul-Befriending conversations: supporting and celebrating with each other as we consciously Age, discovering and embodying the fullness of our uniquely designed God-given lives, right to and through our very last breaths.

I have come to recognize Soul Desires as Sacred Calling Cards. Announcing what will be manifested by Divine Design, they alert us where to direct our attention. Filled with grace and love, they are sacred teachers and guides that invite us to be one with the workings of Divine Creation as it is being made visible in and through us in the world. The pathway to hear these Sacred Calls and be Awake to their significance is to become well practiced at being Soul Present.

15DaySoulPracticeLogoTo begin this phase of the journey, I invite you to give yourself 10 minutes/day to experience the 15-Day Soul Practice: The Eyes of Your Soul. At the end of your 15 days, I am offering an optional and complimentary 30-minute Coaching Session (in person, by video conferencing, or by phone). All the details and everything you need will be sent to you as soon as you sign up for the Soul Practice.


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