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Living at the Threshold of A New Era: Soul Time

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“The beauty of nature insists in taking its time.” ~John O’Donohue

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Hooray! Hooray! Springtime is in the air. But wait – it’s not here . . . just quite yet. The calendar shows that the 20th of this month is its official arrival date. Those who pay attention to the ground hog’s shadow say it will be here earlier as opposed to later this season. But most importantly, we know that Spring is about to burst into full bloom because our ‘instinctual body-felt senses’ tells us so. Can you feel it? See it? Hear it? By being ‘awake’ to what is in the moment, we open ourselves to consciously perceive Spring’s subtle shifts of light shining through the shadows. We feel its gentle flow embracing our face; we see its beauty reflected; we experience our hearts lifting as we hear the beginning sounds of birds singing.

Springtime, like a child playing hide and seek, teases us with glimpses of coming attractions only to run and hide until another day. It does not seem to matter that we know with our minds that we are still in a Season of transition; our eternal longing to celebrate the exuberate joy of Springtime lures us into wanting it to be here now, at last. Like a moth drawn to the light, how tempting it could be for us to be distracted by the promise of Springtime’s delight; how easy it could be to flee from the birth pangs of our Soul [Lenten] Journey. As Mother Earth is faithful to God’s Springtime birthing process, may we be faithful to God’s birthing process in our Souls. May our celebration of the Glorious Season of Springtime, Passover, and Easter include the blessings of a fruitful Soul [Lenten] Journey.

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“The Soul has two faces: one is directed toward your life, the other toward God.” ~Meister Eckhart

Because part of my Lenten Journey intent has been to reflect on God’s creative process, I have been particularly mindful of these three words: Change, Transition, and Transformation. When reflecting on my relationship with these words over the years, I was struck with how much more prominently they are used across all sectors of society today than they were in the past. While for many years they have held deep personal meaning associated with God’s loving power to heal, I remember in the past using them only in selective settings. What is fascinating to me is the order in which these words have ‘come on line.’ ‘Change,’ certainly by the sixties, was the first to become a household word; then later, maybe in the mid-eighties/early nineties, ‘Transition;’ and most recently, we are beginning to hear more references to ‘Transformation.’ I believe it is a sign of our times that not only do we hear the words Change, Transition and Transformation being used with more frequency, but also other associated words as well, such as: Soul, Integration, Spirituality, Connectedness, One-ness.
Certainly, the massive tidal wave of unprecedented change that we are undergoing in today’s world is causing us to ask a lot of questions. Universally, we have come to understand that we are in a major life-changing transition period in human history. Knowing this is one thing; living it is another. How do we secure our lives when the ground that we thought would be here forever is rapidly shifting under our feet? How do we find our way through the increasing chaos, uncertainty, and complexity of our present existence? How do we affect the quality of our lives in meaningful, purposeful ways – ways in which we hope will benefit those of future generations? The answers to these questions and to numberless other questions (some of which we do not yet even know to ask) is beyond our present human grasp; we are compelled to expand our ways of knowing in order to discover what we do not yet know. As we continue on the road ahead, we must pay close attention to the potential pitfall of allowing ourselves to be so distracted by the demands of the external changes that we forget to attend to the resulting internal shifts that these changes affect in our relationship with our Selves, others, and God/Source/Love. The question for each of us to keep alive is: Am I consciously living from the inside-out or am I letting outside circumstances live in me?

In the midst of what could be seen as an extended global Lenten Journey, it is as if God/Source/Life is offering to all of us, regardless our age [no Senior discounts], a ‘neon written invitation’ to show up and consciously grow into the ever-deepening possibilities of a whole new way of being in the world. To respond to this invitation means asking ourselves: what is this ‘whole new way’ and what does it require of me? While there are diverse interpretations as to why we are in this transition and how to respond to it, what is most important is that each of us identify our expanding truth and live into it. How? For me, this means listening deeply to my Soul.

March Theme Photo - Stone FootpathMy Soul says loud and clear, “We are transitioning rapidly beyond what we have known as ‘The Information Age’ into a new era that I see as ‘Soul Time’— a Time where the Soul will need to matter most, a Time of Integration of Body/Spirit/Mind, Soul Connectedness/One-ness, and Transformation.” John O’ Donohue, author & poet, imagines our present state as a ‘threshold.’ As the wave of transformation continues to build against this threshold, we must ask ourselves: are we intentionally cultivating our innate capacity to flow with the rhythm/harmony of this whole new way of being in the world? Are we living fully into being Soul Alive Women today, knowing that when tomorrow comes, we will be empowered to let our Soul lead the way?

As each of us continues to travel our Soul Journey, may we practice staying awake to our Soul’s wisdom, guidance, and encouragement. May we be heartened in knowing that our Soul is eager to lovingly teach us what we need to know and do to ‘come to full bloom.’ May we remember that we carry the joy of eternal Springtime waiting to be realized in and through us. As always, our part is to show up, yield with our whole being – wait, watch, and listen deeply to what wants to creatively unfold. It is here in this inner, sacred sanctuary that as we practice ‘be[ing] still and know[ing] God is God’ that our perspective of God/Source/Life, others, and ourselves is expanded and we are transformed. It is in this deep experiential knowing God/Source/Love within us that we come to know our One-ness [Union] in God/Source/Love and thus in one another.

This One-ness [Union], while it may be named differently in various religious and secular traditions, is revered by all. For me, as a Christian,‘One-ness’ is central to Jesus’s life, ministry, death, and Resurrection. In his last days, he prayed to the Father, “may they be one in us, as you are in me and I am in you” [Jn. 17: 21]. Jesus chose to complete his Lenten Journey by giving his life, so that this ‘One-ness’ could be experientially known. In this One-ness with God/Source/Love, we know we are blessed to be a blessing.

Once you awaken to your soul,
you know that you are no longer alone;
nor are you at the mercy of your own frailty and limitation.
Awakening to your soul,
you begin to learn another way of being in the world.
The old barriers no longer confine you, the old wounds no longer name you,
and the old fears no longer calm you.
~John O’ Donohue

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I would love for you to share with me your comments, questions, and/or how your Journey is unfolding. Feel free to email me at

May you be encouraged and know yourself blessed to be a blessing as you continue your journey.

May the joy, hope, and transforming power of the Season of Spring be yours.

May you be blessed in your prospective traditional celebrations – Happy Passover & Happy Easter,

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