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Stuck in the Muck or Soul Alive?

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“Do not give away what God has given you.” ~ Susan A. Purnell, Ordination Day to the Priesthood

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During these hot summer Southern California days, I am aware of the temptation to give into inertia. But is this not the traditional season for leisure, fun, play, and re-creation? Besides, isn’t today, like every day of every season, a time to be Soul Alive? Of course it is. If we choose to show up, be still, stay awake, listen, trust, and act, we will know ourselves today to be Soul Alive.

“I have come that you might have life, and that you might have it more abundantly.
~ John 10:10b

Summer nights in Southern California are grand, but for me the heat of the day is another matter. As I have gotten older, it has become clear that I would rather skip the stifling heat of this season’s days. With the all-consuming hot air everywhere, I feel oppressed as if I am trapped, baking in an oven. The energy drain and the accompanied sluggishness that I feel in my body, spirit, and mind is disconcerting. On the days when I feel forced to shut myself in an air-conditioned space, I miss the vitality I gain from being outdoors in creation. I would not mind a week or two of summer, playing in the pool all day, but twelve weeks of attempting to live life as usual under such conditions pushes against my natural gain. My head says, ‘there are deadlines to meet,’ but my body says, ‘play or else do nothing.’ With no resolution in sight, I feel powerless to move past my heart’s mounting frustration. Then, I remember, I always have a choice as to how I respond to any challenge. I ask myself, ‘what do I choose – to be stuck in the muck or to be Soul Alive?’
Are you bothered by the summer heat? Maybe this is not an issue for you. You might even thrive in the hot weather and thus seek it out. Just as our body chemistry is unique to each of us, so are our daily struggles. All of us are confronted daily with life challenges, be they as small as coping with summer heat or as large as major crises of life and death. None of us have the option to live a challenge-less life any more than we have the option to live an ageless or deathless life. And if this is not enough for us to contend with, we all are faced with the likely possibility that as we continue to age, our challenges will increase in the number and complexity. While these challenges are part and parcel to our human existence, so is our freedom to always actively respond to them in life-giving ways, no matter what our age. Unfortunately, there are many elderly people (and even some who are not so elderly) who seem to not know they have this freedom and are thus stuck living lives of inertia.

At this stage of life, we all carry daunting and hard-to-face fears (to one degree or another) as to how we will meet the unknown challenges of our years to come. We house a variety of fear-packed questions: ‘What condition will I be in as I grow older? Who will be left to support and love me in times of struggle?’ Central to most, if not all such fears is: ‘Will I be up to the challenge?’ Imagine how liberating it would be if you could say with confidence ‘YES!’

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If you desire to be in the position to make this loving declaration for yourself, know that it is possible. You can take courage in knowing that we are designed with all that we need to live into the fullness of our unique God- given life. Through the practice of being Alive to your Soul, you can learn to access and utilize the needed resources and the guiding wisdom to develop/deepen innate capacities, including a deeper ability to meet challenges in transformative ways.

I offer you a Soul-Centered Contemplative Practice for your exploration. This Soul Listening Practice serves as a powerful pathway for healing, integration, and transformation. You can use it when facing challenges, in daily prayer and meditation, or any time you hunger for a deeper sense of Oneness within your Soul and with God/Source. As with any practice, it will only reveal its value and benefit to you as you use it. I sincerely hope that you will find Soul Listening to be a powerful practice that supports you in deepening your capacity to use your life challenges in ways that inspire and encourage you on your Soul Alive Women’s Journey.

May you hear the whispers of your Soul and know the profound peace of Oneness with God/Source.

Suggested Soul Practice:
Soul Listening Practice – A Pathway to Wholeness
Suggested Book:
The Book of Awakening: Having the Life You Want by Being Present to the Life You Haveby Mark Nepo

© 2013 Susan A. Purnell


  1. Leah

    August 1, 2013

    So enjoyed this month’s mesage. I hope to practice and perfect. Thank you very much.

    • Susan A. Purnell

      Susan Purnell

      August 2, 2013

      Thank you Leah for your words – I am delighted to know you enjoyed this month’s ‘It’s Soul Time.’ Please let me know how the Practice goes for you. As you do it – if questions come up – please do not hesitate to let me know. Happy ‘Soul Listening.’

  2. Ginny Lukas

    August 9, 2013

    Hi – I am at Anne’s and was able to get to this website. What a beutiful job you have done. Your insights and speaking are beautiful. You are inspiring. May God bless your continued work. Much love, Ginny

  3. Susan A. Purnell

    Susan A. Purnell

    August 9, 2013

    Hello Ginny so good to hear from you. The fact you are traveling tells me you have recovered from your surgery. I know you will enjoy being with Annie. Happy Birthday Celebrations to you both. So glad have visited the Soul Alive Women site. Do come back often. Would love to have you and Annie participate in all that will unfold here. It is a virtual home for women to be in conversation. So important to be able to share, grow and support one another. Much love to you Susan [Susie]

  4. Helen

    August 29, 2013

    Susan, I love your web site! Top notch for sure and so very clear and informative! Well done!!! I look forward to participating and practicing Soul Alive Consciousness? I think that is the right words??? No matter. Keep doing your thing Susan!! See you soon. :)
    Lots of Love, Helen

    • Susan A. Purnell

      Susan A. Purnell

      August 29, 2013

      Hello Helen – It is wonderful to have you be part of Soul Alive Women. Welcome to the journey. Women in conversation, connecting, growing, sharing, supporting, caring and encouraging each other to live into our lives fully – exciting times. You bring much to the community on so many levels including your body based gifts, knowledge and work. I look forward to other women getting to know you and you them. Soul Smiles & Soul Hugs to you, Susan

  5. Linda Marley

    August 12, 2014

    Hello Susan,
    Thank you for sharing your insights and soul deep truths.
    We all need your encouragement and leadership.
    God Bless You every day.

    • Susan A. Purnell

      Susan A. Purnell

      September 26, 2014

      Thank you Linda,
      I appreciate your words.
      Blessings and Soul Smiles to you, Susan

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