Women's Words on Aging

Women’s Words on Aging


Linda Marley

Soul Alive Women ~ Linda Marley Image I’ve been retired for 11 years and I’m 69 years young. I have weathered challenges and lessons in my career and a few in retirement. The learning continues. It’s good to laugh at yourself and keep on trucking. Picture this: me beginning a Jazz dance class at 60. It is a riot. I can’t make a 3 step turn. The music is too darn fast and what was that new move? The body rebels, the mind — well, “show me that again!” There were humbling times of being a neophyte among competents. Years into this, competence or not, it’s just plain fun and that’s okay. It’s all a part of making new friends and learning to play in a new way.

The interior soul’s journey is coming along. I once thought “what are those old folks doing? I don’t see the action.” I’ve come to understand the action and growth can be in the interior soul life if we pursue it. This is bringing me to a closer walk with our Lord. All of life gains meaning. Mind, body, spirit – life is good.

Peace be with you all,
Linda Marley
Paso Robles, CA


Joyce Payne

Soul Alive Women - Joyce Payne Image I will be 60 years old in November 2012. I am a caregiver for my 91-year-old father and my sisters and I split our time between his house and our houses. This is something we felt we needed to do. My husband recently had minor surgery and I thought about who would take care of me if I had major surgery or in old aging. I took a look at my health and life insurance policies to make sure that my family would be able to make the best decisions for my care and was satisfied that I was sufficiently covered. Now, I enjoy spending all of my spare time with my husband and kids, and doing whatever else life has to offer.

Joyce Payne
Memphis, Tennessee


Shirley Childs

Shirley Childs

When my youngest son left high school, I was 48 and I couldn’t handle it. I convinced myself that I had made a huge sacrifice for my three sons at the expense of my career. I was very resentful; I believed my age was catching up to me and therefore, I was too old to advance in my professional life. Then, I began a soul-searching examination of my motives. I discovered that my deepest inner value was my family and therefore, they were my priority. My choices were not a question of sacrifice. Rather, I was acting on what was most valuable to me. Because I realized we make choices according to our values, I was ready to embark on a new journey. Since then, I have had three amazing professional positions: Financial Controller of a large business, elected Councillor on Local Government, and Business Consultant.

Twelve years later, in the year 2012, I made another change. I have been told I am crazy. I thank my family and friends who thought it, and told me, because it allowed me to reflect. The exercises revealed to me that I acted on my deepest inner value each time. As a result, I acted on a deeper calling to continue to learn mastering myself so that I can be the best I can be for myself, my family, and to effectively help others. Today, I am helping people transform through their Stories and their Voices. I know there will always be challenges and it takes courage to move forward because it is not only ourselves we have to face, but also family, friends, and other well-meaning people. If you ask me if I would do anything differently with hindsight, my answer is “NO.” Among the important lessons I’ve learned are: do not to lose sight of the reasons for my decisions, follow my deepest listening, and always be true to myself.

Shirley Childs
Sydney, Australia
Vocal Tao

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